Friday, July 4, 2008

Party/ Shower idea

I love these! Thanks to Cristin who gave me this great idea.. I made this up for the bbq's we are hosting this weekend. I think they turned out great! what do you think? This is a great decoration for a buffet table, that you can change the ribbon and candy to make it work for a birthday, valentines, thanksgiving, christmas, halloween, bridal shower... you name it!

A close up look

The jars I am using are actually votive holders, they come in a box of 8 for $4.99 from Target, in the candle isle.

You can use these for a baby shower, and just change the ribbon-for a baby girl! For a shower it would be cute to fill it with little baby things.. like qtips, or a couple pacis.. and then give that to the new mom as a gift!

The lettering is $8.00

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